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We are Covenant Life Church, it's all in our name!

We are a lively church community based in Leicester, who care for, encourage and support each other.

We are made up of all sorts of backgrounds, ages and nations.  We love life and we’re deeply committed to God and to others.  We believe in the Bible and haven’t chopped and changed it to suit ourselves.  We have great news to share about who Jesus Christ is and what he’s done for us.

We’re called Covenant Life Church because we are a community of God, woven together by his love, rooted in our wholehearted desire to see homes and lives filled with His goodness. Together we seek to be like Jesus; we relentlessly pursue His Kingdom, we’re here for God, for each other and for our world.

We are here to fully live out the good news of Jesus Christ.

There’s a strong bond we share.  Belonging to God, His covenant love weaves through every aspect of our life – fabric isn’t a fabric without every thread being woven together just right. Much like a tapestry; bright, vibrant, varied and full of colour, this is a life pattern we seek to live. This completed work, brings us together, committed to giving our very best to each other, showing love, care and support we aim to share the good news that Jesus Christ can transform lives.

More about us

Our leaders

Learn more about the people that lead us forward and help us live out the vision God has given us

Our Values

Learn more about what we value.  The core things we hold close to our heart and seek to see in everyone.

Working Together

We are part of a wider family of churches across the world and whom we work closely with to see God’s kingdom extended

What We Believe

Foundational truths that we hold onto and are at the centre of everything we believe