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We value and seek to live out the following…


This means knowing (and experiencing) God’s unfailing love and expressing it wholeheartedly to others.  We desire to see the very best in each other, encourage the very best in each other, giving out of our very best, for each other, because of this unique bond and sense of belonging we have.


Most people can’t help but talk about the care and deep commitment we show to each other.  We’re ready to help anyone in a crisis, ready to pray, ready to give and ready to serve.

We exist to see the lonely become part of a family, be a source of strength for those who are weak and give generously to those in need, in the church, in Leicester and to mission/initiatives in other nations in which we are reaching into.


From homes across the City and out into Melton Mowbray we make for a vibrant body of faith-filled Christians and gather together to seek God’s presence through word, spirit, prayer and fasting.  You’ll be in good company.

The Bible

Unswervingly we believe we hold firm to the truth of God’s word, the Bible.  We don’t mix it up or change it around to suit our needs; we focus on what it says and live it out.  We know there is real value in what it says for our world today and in which it so desperately needs.  It is probably what makes us so distinctive in varied expressions of church…

The Holy Spirit

Jesus’ Holy Spirit gives us direction and brings the dynamic truth and life of the Bible into our everyday experiences.  Through what are called His gifts and graces we rely on the Holy Spirit to strengthen the church and empower us to share Jesus life, taking action in the world around us. Through Him we aim to have lives well lived.

Sharing the good news

We’re focused on relentlessly pursuing God’s kingdom together. We want to tell and show those that don’t know Jesus, what an exciting, transformed life looks like.  This is at the very heart of us, in our homes and seen in the way we are at work and live in society.

This means sharing stories of what we regularly experience of God’s healing power, miraculous provision and the transforming of an ordinary life into something extraordinary.   This is the salvation and restoration that only Jesus can give.