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This is what Jesus has done for us!

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We’re focused on relentlessly pursuing God’s kingdom together. We want to tell and show those that don’t know Jesus, what an exciting, transformed life looks like. This is at the very heart of us, in our homes and seen in the way we are at work and live in society.

This means sharing stories of what we regularly experience of God’s healing power, miraculous provision and the transforming of an ordinary life into something extraordinary.  This is the salvation and restoration that only Jesus can give.

Charlie Marsden 0:48

Find out how Jesus healed Charlie of Chron’s disease and asthma!

Josephine Aley 0:34

Josephine had cancer – now she doesn’t! That’s what Jesus did for Josephine!

Kevin Dilipkumar 0:29

See what Jesus did for Kevin…

Juhil Dilipkumar 0:25

Hear about what Jesus did for Juhil

Jane Griffiths 0:51

Hear about what Jesus did for Jane…

Alex Morris 0:33

Hear how Jesus healed physical pains in Alex’s heart…

Malcolm Simpson 1:02

Hear the amazing testimony of what Jesus did for Malcolm Simpson

Ade Mosaka 1:08

Listen to how Jesus saved Ade’s family from a potential fire!

Judith Dorwood 0:49

Listen to how Jesus gave Judith the home she really wanted!